~C. S. Lewis on Science and Religion


There are two rather standard responses from materialist scientists and philosophers to the suggestion that a creator God guides the development and sustains the order of nature:

1. Our current scientific theories on the evolution of all things are sufficient to explain all natural phenomena. The idea of a creator has been rendered superfluous.
2. Science doesn’t have it all figured out, and truth be told, it may never give us comprehensive knowledge of natural history or a full explanation for the stability and regularities of the cosmos, but plugging God into these knowledge gaps is no better than the ancient Greek practice of attributing thunderstorms to Zeus.
Standard practice for an apologist faced with such statements is to describe the evidence for cosmic and biological design or the shortcomings of naturalistic theories when it comes to explaining the indications of rationality in nature. The apologist uses science to argue for a God-designed, God-guided natural world. This is a solid technique and one that I often use. However, it isn’t the only angle from which to approach such a discussion, which is great news for faith-defenders lacking scientific expertise.
In the C.S. Lewis collection God in the Dock, there are two essays that are incredibly insightful and instructive. Lewis was not a scientist, though he was familiar with the reigning theories of his era and commented upon them in many of his writings. He was wise to the fact that, more often than not, the core issue is philosophical, though the materialist scientist rarely recognizes this. Lewis’s tactic for dealing with materialist claims such as those above was quite powerful, as we see in “Religion and Science” and “The Laws of Nature.”
In the first essay, Lewis addresses the question of divine intervention in nature. He sets up a Socratic dialogue between himself and a materialist who insists that “modern science” has proven that there’s no transcendent cause for the workings of nature.
“But, don’t you see,” said I, “that science never could show anything of the sort?”
“Why on earth not?”
“Because science studies Nature. And the question is whether anything besides Nature exists—anything ‘outside.’ How could you find that out by studying simply Nature?”
This is a key point that is all too often missed by those claiming that science has ruled out the existence of God. But Lewis’s interlocutor persists in his objections:
“But don’t we find out that Nature must work in an absolutely fixed way? I mean, the laws of Nature tell us not merely how things do happen, but how they must happen. No power could possibly alter them.”
In other words, because there are “laws of nature,” it is impossible for anything to disrupt the regular course of nature. Such a thing would, he says, result in absurdity, just as breaking the laws of mathematics would.
But Lewis demonstrates, in his typically charming yet utterly logical fashion, that natural laws only tell you what will happen as long as there is no interference in the system from the outside. Furthermore, those laws can’t tell you if such interference is going to occur.
Science, it turns out, studies the material universe and can say quite a lot about how it operates under normal conditions. What it cannot rule out is the existence of something independent of the universe with the power to intervene in natural affairs. This supernatural activity would entail a cosmos that is an open system rather than a system closed to “outside” immaterial causation. Again, the limitations of science preclude it from ruling out such a state. Says Lewis, “…it isn’t the scientist who can tell you how likely Nature is to be interfered with from outside. You must go to the metaphysician.” It is, it turns out, a philosophical question.
In the second essay, “Laws of Nature,” Lewis examines the question of God’s guidance of the natural world and whether or not the prayers of mankind have any bearing on the course of events.
Lewis walks us through his own thought process in dealing with the assertion that nature is deterministic, functioning according to a set of laws, like balls on a billiards table. But look, declares Lewis, no matter how far back you go in the causal chain of natural events, you’ll never reach a law that set the whole chain in motion. He says, “..in the whole history of the universe the laws of Nature have never produced a single event. They are the pattern to which every event must conform, provided only that it can be induced to happen. But how do you get it to do that? How do you get a move on?”
Natural laws, then, are completely impotent when it comes to event causation; they only tell what happens after ignition, so long as free-willed agents (God included) do not interfere. About the laws Lewis says, “They explain everything except what we should ordinarily call ‘everything.’” Indeed.
“Science, when it becomes perfect,” he explains, “will have explained the connection between each link in the chain and the link before it. But the actual existence of the chain will remain wholly unaccountable.”
There is, then, no contradiction between natural law and the acts of God, for he supplies every event for natural law to govern. Everything in nature is providential! In other words, we don’t need gaps in scientific explanation to have a place for postulating divine activity. But, nota bene, this is not to say that there aren’t real gaps in the explanatory framework that materialist science, by nature, cannot fill.
What does all this mean about the effectuality of human prayers? If a causal chain is already in motion, what difference could prayer possibly make? To answer this, we must be mindful of God’s timelessness and omniscience:
“He, from His vantage point above Time, can, if He pleases, take all prayers into account in ordaining that vast complex event which is the history of the universe. For what we call ‘future’ prayers have always been present to Him.”

What Is Time?


~What is Time?

Time is the fire in which we burn.
Time is like the wind.
Time heals all things.
Time is the wisest counselor of all.
Time is the Great Revelator.
All things take Time.
Time is a great teacher.
Time is an equal opportunity employer.
Nothing is ours except Time.
Well it’s high time someone did it!
Time is money
Time lost is never found again.
I’m just biding my time.
I don’t have time.

Time is the substance from which I am made.
The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.
There is precious little Time.
Long time, no see.
We had a whale of a time!
The third time’s the charm!
The sands of time.
Only Time will tell
There is time for everything.
The time is always right to do what is right.
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
Yer behind the times, old man!
Time doesn’t exist
We spend half our time wishing for things.
We must use time as a tool.
Make good use of your time.
Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.
Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in.
Back in my time, we didn’t have all these problems!
Ya shoulda lived back in my time!
I’m just killing time
You will never find time for anything.
Now is the only time there is.
Spend your time like it was a dream.
Spend time with someone.
Spend some Time alone.
Regret the time.
A moment of your time.
Time waits for no one.
Make time.
There’s no time to lose.
We’re never on time.
I’ll do it this time.
What time is it now.
It’s two minutes later than the last time ya asked.
Does anybody really know what time it is.
Hey, ya beat your last time.
Where’d the time go?
It’s about time!
Time’s a wastin’…
We’re all out of time.

Time is on your side.
There’s no time like the present.
Time flies when you’re having fun.
Time sure goes slow when you’re not having fun.
Timing is everything.
You’re right on time.
This needs to be delivered on time.
Seems like time is taking forever.
This happens every single time.
I’ve seen this a few times before.
Time passes slowly up here in the mountains.
How many times have I told you?
Well, that’s the first time that ever happened!
Once upon a time
I’m all right most of the time.
It seemed like time stood still.
That only happens part of the time.
Even before time, God existed.
Just in the nick of time.
It’s just a matter of time now.
It could happen pret’ near any time.
We’ve got all the time in the world.
It’s a race against time.
A stitch in time.
Time in a bottle.
At one time or another...
You’re right on the stroke of time.
Take time out.
Marking Time.
Time in a bubble.
Time Out!
Your time is gonna come.
When it’s your time, it’s your time.
We all gotta go some time.
Any ‘ole time… I’m easy.
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

There ain’t gonna be no next time!
Man measures time and time measures man.
The times, they are a changin’.
That’s the same darn thing ya did the last time!
Hey, do ya remember the time we…
Once upon a time, a long, long time ago…
You’re ahead of time.
I had a lovely time.
This is taking too much time.
All in good time.
Will it stand the test of time?
Boy, they sure gave me a hard time back there.
At the present time
Hey, we both said it at the same time!
Now we have time to kill.
Turn back the hands of time.
When’s a good time to call ya?
That’ll do fer the time bein’.
My how time flies
Time out of mind.
I’ll love ya ’til the end of time.
I’m having quite a time of it here
We’re wasting precious time!
Ya sure screwed that one up big time!
A good time was had by all.
I was in the right place, but it musta been the wrong time.
Well, better luck next time.
Sorry, you’ve caught me at a bad time.
In times past, ya woulda been arrested, dressin’ like that!
I had a devil of a time
It’s feeding time at the zoo.
The time is ripe.
We can do this in no time flat.
Give me time to catch my breath.
I put my pants on, one leg at a time.
Where ya been all this time?
Patience… all in good time.
I’ve told you time after time!
In the interest of saving time
I don’t know how to tell time.
It ain’t worth the time.
OH, we’ll take care of that the next time we’re here.
You’re a legend in your own time.

Maybe some other time, OK?
I don’t even have time to think.
Give him time off for good behavior.
You’ve got way too much time on your hands.
You’re living on borrowed time.
How we gonna make up for all this lost time?
They wouldn’t even give ya the time of day!
Not now, I’m pressed for time.
It takes a lot of time to get this just right.
Quit wasting my time!
Come on, let’s do that one more time!
Put your pencils down, time’s up
Procrastination is the thief of time.
Time works wonders.
He’s nothin’ but a two-time loser.
OK children, its play time.
Spend some quality time.
Ahh, you’re just trying to buy more time!
Well, he just went down for the third time… Now what?
Time ta hit the road!
Ya won’t even remember this time in a hundred years.
How many times are we gonna have ta go through this again?
It’s time for a change
Time is of the essence.
Let’s get this right the first time.
Well, there’s no time like the present.
I want some of your time dad.
Try not to do that the next time.
OH My, where did the time go?
Time, Time, Time… Is on my side… Yes it is.

Ecclesiastes 3 (NIV)

There is a time for everything,
and a time for every purpose under heaven.

a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot,
a time to kill and a time to heal,
a time to tear down and a time to build,
a time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance,
a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
a time to search and a time to give up,
a time to keep and a time to throw away,
a time to tear and a time to mend,
a time to be silent and a time to speak,
a time to love and a time to hate,
a time for war and a time for peace.

Sorry I couldn’t add anymore… “I’m all out of Time,
and it was way past my bed Time!
~DoubleD 2012AD (always thinking)

The House with Golden Windows

The story tells of a little boy who would look across the sprawling meadows outside his house every morning and see in the distance a house with golden windows. He would stare and revel in the radiant beams streaming his way from far away. He asked his father one day if they could visit the house with the golden windows. The father obliged, and they started to walk. They walked until they approached the house. The young lad stood perplexed.
He saw no windows of gold… But a little girl inside, saw them staring at her home and came out to ask if they were looking for something. “Yes, ” replied the boy, “I wanted to see the house with the golden windows that I see every morning.” “Oh, you’ve come to the wrong place, ” she quickly said. “If you wait here a little while until sunset, I will show you the house with the golden windows that I see every evening.” She then pointed to a house in the distance… the home of the little boy.
– –
So we go through life looking out of the windows of our own experience, dreaming of a golden window in the distance.

But when we look through the windows of the soul, we realize that those distant golden windows do not exist.
We see gold, only because of the way the light catches our earthly dwellings at different times of our experience, at different times in our lives.

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The Origin of Evil

~The perplexing concept, evil, pleads the mind of God
Pandora's Box

Pandora’s Box

We can adequately ‘verify, that what we refer to as evil, could only originate, from the same place, everything else originates… ‘The mind of The Creator’; and we do that, from reading God’s scripture, and observing the logistics that come into play.
Evil’s not a ‘creation’, so much as it is a process, ‘conceived’ and ‘implemented’ with perfect accuracy, and the power to annihilate it’ at a point in time… once the Creator Himself has had enough of it!
You were ‘Born’ into sin and suffering… and you’ll ‘Die’ in sin and suffering!
”Hurts Doesn’t It? Good!… It’s Working!”

The triggering mechanism was to create the most beautiful of all the angels, already ‘over-seeded’ with the ‘concept’, and given, a position of authority (choir leader), ‘Lucifer’. Once Lucifer’s pride kicked in, God expelled Lucifer and his followers to earth, thus placing evil on the planet… even before, creating man. That ‘serpent’ in the tree, was already waiting for man’s arrival… and God knew it. He could just as easily sent the lot of them to mars… but He didn’t. So why earth? To ‘serve His purpose’.
Do you actually believe that God had no idea what Lucifer would do, right from the start… when He’s ‘Omniscient’? If you think He was ‘Blind-sided’ or in the ‘Dark’ on ANYTHING… Ya got the Wrong God!

~Grandpa’s Wallet
In order to kick start evil, specifically in ‘man’, all He had to do was place a single element (recorded to be a ‘one-of-a-kind’ fruit bearing tree), in the garden of Eden.
This is acutely similar, to the same scenario, as a grandfather placing his wallet on the table in front of a child and saying, “I’m going to leave the room, so don’t you dare touch this wallet!”
No sooner does he peek around the corner, than the child has completely dragged every thing in the wallet out, and onto the floor.
Had God not executed this scenario whereby man falls, and then is forced to seek God out, He would have just been creating more angels, who already knew Him.

Nothing exists that was not wrought by God. Evil exists.
…for You created all things… (Ephesians 3:9, Revelation 4:11)

~The Origin of Evil
As I stated earlier, evil is a ‘Concept’, ‘in the mind’…not a tangible thing related to the laws of physics. You can’t see, touch, feel, smell or hear evil. It is not one of the fundamental forces of physics, nor does it consist of matter, energy, or the spatial dimensions of the universe… and it is ‘timeless’ until terminated. Yet Evil ‘Resides’… It resides… in the mind of humans and fallen angels.
It is an ‘Unseen’ and ‘Extremely Powerful’ Concept, which plays an intrinsical and pivotal role, in bringing souls to a position of having to ‘Choose’ to “Seek out God”… and it is a ‘death sentence’ for the fallen angels… whereas  angels’ were created in the very presence of God, and because of this, there is no Angel, who is longing to ‘Discover God’ nor able to ‘Commune with Him’, on His ‘Own Level’. In all of this… We, are ‘Above’ the angels… and they serve us.
Basically… This is the ‘Key’ reasoning for the Creator’s words, “Let us make man, in our ‘Own’ image” (not the image of angels).

God Himself proclaims He is the ‘Conceiver of Evil’… ‘Tho they are ‘Three’ revealing and well hidden passages within the Old Testament, which most Christians and secular humans, usually overlook or scratch their heads… and those who do find them, immediately feel the need, to explain it away, for the simple reason, that they can not fathom a Benevolent Creator, implementing such a seemingly ‘negative’ concept.

I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil; I, the Lord, do all these things.
~Isaiah 45:7 (KJ21)
Out of the mouth of the Most High proceedeth not evil and good?
~Lamentations 3:38 (KJ21)
Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? Shall there be evil in a city, and the Lord hath not done it?
~Amos 3:6 (KJ21)
There you have it, straight from God. “Evil exists because God saw the necessity for it, regardless of your inadequate human comprehension.” Evil didn’t just ‘pop out’ of nowhere (and by the way… Lucifer can’t create Anything. His only expertise… is to ‘manipulate’, that which is already created).

Yes, I repeated this line above, but now ‘Think’ on it a little harder… “Nothing exists, that was not wrought by the Creator.”… So are Ya gonna agree with the ‘Entire Bible’, or are ya gonna ‘Dispute’ the parts ya don’t like?

“Evil Exists.”
“WHAT?!”, you say… Ahh… but not without ‘meaning’ and ‘purpose’!

Now think about what the term ‘Omniscience’ implies.
Do you suppose that God, in His Omniscience…had absolutely no idea, that Lucifer would ever turn on Him, thus ‘kick-starting’ evil? Hmmm?

The fact is… None of His planning, which is now in place… would work, in the absence of evil. Ergo… the Creator Himself, conceived it, primarily as a ‘Motivator’ (and punishment for original sin), to demonstrate to humanity, they are all falling short in their own efforts… but He did NOT unleash it, to the point where He couldn’t control it, whenever He wishes.

It is the ‘Evil Factor’, that in the end, causes us to ‘Seek’ Him, whereas, the angels, already KNOW Him… and He didn’t want more angels… He WANTED COMPANY, that could discourse and think like Him. Otherwise… That’s exactly what you’ve got… MORE ANGELS!

To Top it All Off… in the future… God has already even ‘Planned’ to release Lucifer ‘evil’, AGAIN!… after Christ has reigned on earth for one thousand years… Which Translates to… “Intent to Use Evil Yet, One More Time!”… And in this scenario, He’s going to use it, to sieve out everyone who has been born during that time. ONLY THEN… SHALL EVIL  BE NO MORE!


Written by Douglas L. Duncan; M. Phil

Also read ‘What is Evil?‘, for an alternate view of evil.

Would You Like to ‘Hug’ Jesus the Christ… Right Now?

~Would You Like to ‘HUG’ Jesus the Christ… RIGHT NOW? It CAN Be Done!

I had occasion to ponder for a rather long period of time last night, about God’s chosen people, the Israeli’s (Ancient Hebrews). You know… there’s a short passage in the Bible where Jesus stands on a hilltop, and just cries over them, because they would not come to Him.
The majority of God’s own, had denied that Jesus was the coming Messiah… and in fact, STILL DO to this day. I constantly read several Jewish publication updates on the internet, and there was one, only three days ago, listing FIVE reasons Jesus could NOT have been their Messiah.
AND… there was NO RULER that night, who would consent to sentencing Him… It was THE PEOPLE! In the ‘Old West’ that would have been called a ‘Vigilante Group’.
So you see… it continues even still.
Having written the above for you… NOW… Here is what I actually pondered last night.
Of ALL the homo-sapiens on the Earth (both past and present), the ones that are, by ‘DEFAULT’, the DEAREST to God’s heart… are the ‘Israeli’s, who ‘HAVE CHOSEN’ to go with Jesus the Christ’.
I have absolutely no idea how many they make up, but I can only conclude that any ‘Israeli for Jesus’ has slam dunked the ball… right through the hoop!
SHOULD YOU EVER… MEET AN ISRAELI, WHO IS TRUSTING IN CHRIST… I SUGGEST HUGGING THEM WITH ALL YOU’VE GOT! Because that right there… is all the closer you’re going to get, to physically hugging Christ… for now.
~DoubleD 2013AD (always thinking)

Wouldn’t You just love to actually be one such as these? WOW! THEY ACTUALLY LISTENED AND BELIEVED!

You couldn’t come any closer as when Jesus said, "I came here to My people first". That’s the time the gentile replied, "Yeh, but even the dogs wait for the scraps from the table"… and nearly shocked Him out of His chair, because it threw Him by surprise that much!

Get Angry With God… Job Did

Job of the Bible"God’s Wrath" is referred to ninety-five times in the Bible.

One time he even said, "…“I will wipe from the face of the earth the human race I have created… and with them the animals, the birds and the creatures that move along the ground… for I regret that I have made them.” ~Genesis 6:7

Obviously He didn’t finish the job, because we’re still here… and so are all the other creatures He said, He would wipe from the face of the earth.

Anger is an ‘Emotion’ like all the rest of emotions. We are the ‘Image of God’, so there ya go. He spills out His wrath… we spill out our wrath.

Get angry at God. Job did. You’ll need this ‘KEY’ to that anger ‘tho, before ya start giving Him ‘Down the Road’.

What we end up with, are two paradoxes:

1. Job initially ‘did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing’ – but then spends 30-odd chapters seemingly doing just that.

2. God declares Job and his words righteous… and although Job is not rebuked for his anger, he still feels sorrow, and repents… even though he doesn’t need to.

Although Job got angry, and said that God wasn’t being fair… God still proclaims Job as righteous and to have spoken rightly. Why? Because he met with God.

This is why Job is praiseworthy. In the end, the desire to be vindicated was not as strong as his desire to meet with God. Once he had had an encounter with God, his anger disappeared. It was enough to know God… and to have been heard by Him.

There’s an anger that leads to a renewed relationship… and there is an anger that distances us from God.

The kind of red hot, passionate, dialoguing anger of Job’s is not sinful, but an essential part of the process and conversation with God when we are faced with things that we don’t understand. Don’t worry about the red hot anger… Worry when it solidifies into a cold resentment… a bitter silence that pushes us further from God.

I don’t see Job accusing God of wrongdoing. Rather, Job’s complaint is that God is not bringing justice to his situation, which is slightly different. Job is angry at the injustice and is righteously wrestling with God… all the while keeping his faith, that one day God Will vindicate him… to set things right.

We should be angry about injustice… and bring that anger to God, constantly calling him to set things right, to uphold his name and justice, to restore his world, and to vindicate his people, holding tight and refusing to let go. It seems to me… Job’s a perfect example of how to go about it.

During my own crisis of past years, my cousin reminded me that it was ok to go to God with all my broken pieces, and cry out to Him… To even beat upon His chest in my hurt, because He’s big enough to take it, and that at least there… as I beat upon His chest, I would be in the circle of His arms so that He could comfort me in my loss.”

And THAT’S the Way It Goes!
~DoubleD 2013AD

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